Therapy for your Relationships

Build. Nourish. Remodel.

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  • Get in touch with what you really want.
  • Acquire a shared framework for communicating needs and desires.
  • Stop doing more work than necessary trying to read you partner.
  • Have discussions around sex you thought impossible.
  • Talk honestly about your fears.
  • Take risks with your partner and know it will be okay.
  • Gentle,

    down-to-earth Guidance

    With a Little Humor

    My practice includes looking at ways power & privilege play a role in your relationships

    Sex Positive


    Affirming of Queer and Transgender FolKs

    Kink & Poly Friendly

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    I'm Karen

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

    I want to see you & your relationships thrive.

    Every relationship is different and so I tend to use different skills and techniques with each client with whom I work. Want to learn more about how I work? Click read more below.


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    Karen Smillie, MFT

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