LGBT Couples Counseling

Same-sex couples, and those that include partners that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, experience the same problems found in straight relationships with the addition of:

  • Widespread societal homophobia & heterosexism.
  • Internalized homophobia
  • Less external validation, social support systems, role models and normative rituals.
  • Same sex couples sometimes maintain multiple identities and may spend time and energy compartmentalizing their relationship in certain environments.
  • Partners may have different meanings of their sexual orientation, their relationship and their future based on the norms of their racial, ethnic or cultural groups.
  • LGBTQQI Couples are often denied visible milestones that are enjoyed by straight couples and are less likely to receive explicit support during a crisis.

As an LGBTQQI affirming therapist, I have knowledge and experience working with couples to uncover these stressors and communicate about their impact on the relationship dynamic. This process often leads partners to experience greater connection and increased trust in the relationship.

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